COVID’s Impact On Corporate Culture, Creativity, And Personal Wellbeing

Can we restart our lives after Covid-19 in a more stable manner? Efficient, more sustainable, maybe even less bothersome? Or should we be left retreating to the methods of the past?
The change presents us with extensive intimidations, distinctly to employment….

Putting The ‘human’ In Human Resource

The famous quote by Betty Bender “When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home” would now take shape to be “When people work at home, they should manage it all: work, family, and importantly, self-care.”
Its been over 80 days since we’ve had our office coffee…

The New Normal Of Retail – Key Takeaways From The Web Series.

On May 20th, 2020 we were a part of a thought-provoking webinar, the IREC web series hosted by Franchise India and Entrepreneur….

When patterns break, the best of the old worlds emerge.

None of us would have imagined the world we are living in today. At every scale, the ‘routines’ have shaped up to become potentially challenging and dangerous tasks. Life for some is at a standstill, while the front-liners are confronting a startling new normal.

Mental Health Is Health, Now More Than Ever!

In the light of the pandemic, ‘work-culture’ has taken a new meaning. For us, it is the digitalization of our positive workplace spirit to a new distant reality…