When patterns break, the best of the old worlds emerge.

None of us would have imagined the world we are living in today. At every scale, the ‘routines’ have shaped up to become potentially challenging and dangerous tasks. Life for some is at a standstill, while the front-liners are confronting a startling new normal. The capes, white and khaki are sweating it out while watching us complain about how boring it is to stay indoors.

The uniformed heroes do their best to keep us home, the ones working behind counters make sure we’re comfortable while doing so.

Let’s revisit the large scale panic-buying we indulged in soon as the lockdown was imposed.
E-grocers struggled to meet the intensified demand and we turned to the good old Kirana shops. Realize how good these stores actually are? We can’t go back from buying local – convenient and safe. Always at a walking distance.

The fact that e-grocery platforms cater to a minor chunk in the Indian retail consumption space makes us reevaluate the questions that surfaced before COVID19. Will the Kirana stores survive? How can they keep up with global giants?

Well, the answer is quite evident – thanks to Kirana stores, we can survive this pandemic rather comfortably. He knows what you want better than algorithms – Your friendly neighborhood Kirana Shop Anna.

The current scenario truly reflects the traces of the next big wave in Indian retail, the ‘digital-offline’ model. We know that shopping isn’t going to be the same in a post COVID19 world. A true testament to the fact that “when patterns break, the good of old worlds emerge.”

We rolled out ‘Retail 360’ a platform that enables brands to directly sell to the retailers. Digitalizing the retail value chain and enabling ‘contactless deliveries’ is just the beginning for us, we have a dynamic approach to adapt to disruptions and will continue to future-proof the Indian retailers.

Just when the lockdown was announced It took a few days for the authorities to figure out which items can be categorized as ‘essentials’ meanwhile. Our SCM team worked diligently to ensure the clearance from the authorities.

“Safety protocols at ethe warehouse”, “Employee safety at work”, and “Good customer service” are terms that have embraced new meanings. Here’s how we adapted to the change:

At the warehouse:

An SOP was rolled out in the first week of February to include new measures in the supply chain of ShopX. The following precautionary steps at the first mile, and warehouse/HUB processing and last-mile were made mandatory.

  • Masks and gloves are a must.
  • Zero physical contact policy.
  • Pocket-sized sanitizers for the entire team.
  • Ensuring regular hand-wash and sanitization.
  • Any staff member feeling ill or symptomatic is immediately relieved and asked to stay home until cleared from a doctor.
  • Medical insurance that covers COVID19 tests & treatment for the entire team.
  • Safe packaging and dispatch measures.

At the last mile:


All your next-door Kirana shop guy cares about is serving you well. Really!

There have been a few instances we heard about Kirana store owners traveling to factories to restock on dairy. It is extremely risky for all hands involved.

But the business doesn’t stop! So, we at ShopX put our capes on to ensure goods are transferred and infections stopped, not the other way round.


At the HQ:

Being one of the first companies in South Bangalore to roll out a mandatory WFH to ensure social distancing, we didn’t need a pandemic to evaluate if work from home works. We’ve only changed seats, from the chair in the office to the beanbag at home. It’s business as usual with ShopX.

We have a duty to fulfill – Responsible Commerce.
More important than ever in times like these. Safety and quality, from the warehouse to shops to communities.

Stay home, shop local. Let’s get through this together!

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