The ‘shop around the corner’, the neighborhood Kirana store, remained a thriving market all over India, especially during the lockdown. Kirana shops remain the primary choice for Indian customers when it comes to shopping daily necessity goods amid the pandemic. While we unknowingly opt to go “vocal about local”, here is how this preference of ours is doing good for the greater ecosystem.

Benefit local business

Local business is crucial for our economy. They bring completion and innovation to our communities. They render employment and create entrepreneurship opportunities and support the local economies, communities, and neighborhoods. They also care about their community. Your local Kirana shop guy probably knows you by your name- How’s that for personalized service?

Avoid crowded supermarkets especially during a pandemicKirana stores remained in business as several e-commerce companies were restricted to delivering only essentials. During the lockdown, even the non-grocery standalone shops in residential areas were restricted to operate. This trend led to people visiting their local stores rather than the crowded supermarkets hence maintaining social distancing and hygiene.

Boosts Economy of India

When business prospers for local Kirana shops, the Indian economy is inevitably revived. These small shops were significantly hit by large malls and e-retailers in the last few years but ever since the lockdown was imposed, their sales have progressed. With online delivery becoming a challenge during the lockdown, local Kiranas are holding the fort for the Indian economy.

Assured fresh goods

This is a given. Kirana stores give you fresh stock. Kirana’s are one such place, that allow a customer to experience the look and feel before purchasing a product. Kirana stores offer everyday items under one roof while maintaining the freshest of quality. Vendors bring in fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers without having the edibles to tamper through long supply chains.

Savings for the individual

The Kirana store is cheaper than online stores or supermarkets for grocery shopping. You don’t pay exorbitant amounts for any item that you purchase. The supermarkets are stocked with products and offers that make you buy more than you need and offers that you regret the moment you reach home.  A visit to the local Kirana store will not hurt your wallet.

Let us take a pledge to support our local businesses.


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