The Promise Of E-Commerce

A lot has been said about the emergence, development, and expansion of e-commerce in India over the past decade.

If were to rewind through to 2010, here’s what’s happened in the Indian landscape:

  • The industry gave us the poster-child of what an Indian Unicorn could aspire to be.
  • It then informed us that mom-and-pop or ‘Kirana’ stores would be vanquished
  • We then witnessed the shift from desktop to mobile-only websites (and then back again)
  • We were told that the real battle is tier 1 India
  • We then found willing shoppers in tier 2 and beyond
  • Kirana stores made a resurgence and even became partners in some way to the e-commerce expansion story
  • Discounts and exclusivity held their way for some time until recently

There are definitely smaller moments in the Indian e-commerce journey and there’s a lot of learnings from it.

That’s where we at ShopX got thinking.

We’re a team of technology specialists. For us, it’s not about disrupting the landscape with an idea or through technology. Like the larger technology story enveloping society and development today, for us, it’s about enabling every point in the value chain that enables e-commerce with the promise and proof of technology. It’s not disintermediation but integration. How can Kirana stores, brands, distributors, wholesalers, supply chains, and warehouses can all be equipped with technology to empower consumers with the fundamental promise of e-commerce — the promise of choice.

At a global level, the conversation around e-commerce is broadly around open and closed e-commerce models. Some organisations look at capturing supply chains and some look at making the world a marketplace.

For us at ShopX, we are the Retail Network Company working on the future of retail. Not just e-commerce. It’s about retail. It’s about smart supply chains and liquid inventory meaning that products move seamlessly between warehouses and distributors when they need.

It’s about empowering Kirana store owners to expand inventory without changing the dimensions of their store.

It’s about empowering their customers with choice.

It’s about technology.

It’s about placing the power of technology throughout the retail value chain.

Not just in India or Bharath but beyond.

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