SHOPX Stands With Flood-Affected Families Of Sureban

India had witnessed a massive paradox this year. While the country celebrated its 73rd year of independence, many villages of Northern Karnataka were struggling to survive amidst floods. Record disaster years have led to a growing recognition that we as a country not only need to be better prepared but also rebuild differently and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Our national memory does not always recall these disasters until another state faces such a cruel twist of fate. Only then do we realize that we as a country we are still not well- equipped to deal with such natural calamities.

Karnataka witnessed havoc due to increased water inflow from Malaprabha dam. Villages in Belgaum district have faced severe loss of agricultural land, livestock and livelihood. The waterlogging has claimed 9 villages in the district. Also, the region still shows no signs of relief anytime soon. In times like these, it becomes impeccable that we as individuals come together to rescue and extend our helping hand. Sureban is one such village in the Belgaum district of Karnataka that is in dire need of help. Submerged houses, schools and hospital have been a common sight here. Water sources such as hand pumps and wells have inundated. Families are facing acute shortage of basic day-to-day essentials.

While many prayed for Karnataka, we at ShopX initiated a relief campaign for Sureban keeping in mind the needs of the flood-hit families. We extended our support by collecting funds to provide basic essentials for the villagers through crowdfunding. Although, it wasn’t an easy task to reach the flood-affected area, with generosity of spirit and collaboration with Metro Cash and Carry, the required essentials were sent across the village. Volunteers from the logistics team turned up in droves and ensured that food and other requirements were provided in time.

Even though the loss the families had to bear cannot be mitigated easily by our contributions, we urge our readers to extend their support and pray for Karnataka.


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