Putting The ‘human’ In Human Resource

The famous quote by Betty Bender “When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home” would now take shape to be “When people work at home, they should manage it all: work, family, and importantly, self-care.”

Its been over 80 days since we’ve had our office coffee, and now most of us now feel like Sanjay Singhania from Ghajini in the photo below:

In a flash, the world we knew changed, stumbling down to a new distant reality. On another ambit, it also accelerated the greatest workplace transformation. It was upon the HR teams to keep up the morale and configure the workflow while staying true to the operating values of the organization.
Apart from being the unofficial lawyers, psychologists, teachers, miracle workers, and event planners, HR has always been crucial to translate the vision and mission of the organization into action. Our HR team was dynamic to tackle the disruption, read this blog to know-how.

Here how our HR team has always gone the extra mile to fuel our organization on the road to scaling up:

Employee medical insurance policy

Yes, the wise did say it year after year- “A pandemic is inevitable and the world is not prepared for it!” How do you get prepared for it? How does anybody do their bit to stay prepared?

For starters, why not check up on your employer-provided health insurance? Employer-provided insurance contributes significantly to financial security, such as group or liability covers, which can only be bought by companies.

Our wellness programs at ShopX helps our team stay healthier, happier, and maintain a more desirable quality of life.

Our wellness efforts encompass a wide range of benefits and services. We offer enriching benefits to further our commitment towards taking care of our teams and their families. We call it the “Healthcare Plan”. Through this, we offer comprehensive coverage in cases of emergencies for employees, their dependents, and their parents or in-laws (our employees have the prospect of choosing to enlist their parents or in-laws).

Here’s an added benefit that showcases our inclusive and diverse culture- our facility has been extended to the members of the LGBTQ community as well!

Make it better

What does it take to keep our employees happy? Day in and day out, our HR team seek ways through which we can “Make It Better” for our employees. How did we do this? Through our employee survey “MakeItBetter”.

“MakeItBetter” helps to understand the pulse of our team.

This is an anonymous survey for all employees where feedback is encouraged around things that matter to them the most. Employees are encouraged to list areas of improvement as per them. After every survey inputs are collated & accessed. They are then taken as urgent people priority points.

There you have it, another one of our initiatives aimed at making the office a place you want to be at!

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

“It’s about the journey and not the destination”. While this is true in many ways and like you must have seen in our previous blog, the journey (commute) to our destination (office) is not something to look forward to (owing to the traffic). To make it better, we decided to make our destination a favorable place to work in.

For instance, we have set up fully functional support in place for those who would like to seek assistance in the betterment of their emotional well – being. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) allows employees to have access to counseling services by trained professionals. This service is available in In-person, phone & chat-based, video conferencing and is left up to the individual to chose.

The EAP is available to the employee and his family. We encourage our teams to reach out to these professionals and seek their guidance related to varied subjects like relationships, professional, others. this service for everyone at SHOPX including our off rolls teams.
The service is completely anonymous and non-chargeable for every team member and their families. Besides, the members registered for counseling services also have access to articles and other research related to their concerns.

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