Everything you need to know about digital payments in India – Part 1

Has India well and truly embraced digital payments and become a cashless society because of the ease and convenience they offer? Are digital payments secure? What is the future of digital payments in India? These are the questions we cover in the next few blogs by Sahil, our payments expert. 

Disruption And Value

We live in the information age now. Or misinformation if you are keenly following developments across the world…….

The Promise Of E-Commerce

A lot has been said about the emergence, development, and expansion of e-commerce in India over the past decade. If were to rewind through to 2010, here’s what’s happened in the Indian landscape…

SHOPX Stands With Flood-Affected Families Of Sureban

India had witnessed a massive paradox this year. While the country celebrated its 73rd year of independence, many villages of Northern Karnataka were struggling to survive amidst floods….