Mental Health Is Health, Now More Than Ever!

In the light of the pandemic, ‘work-culture’ has taken a new meaning. For us, it is the digitalization of our positive workplace spirit to a new distant reality. We’ve established that our work culture is dynamic and capable of dealing with disruptions in our previous blogs.

The current scenario has shaped up to seem like the biggest psychological experiment the world has ever seen after Kubrick’s ‘A clockwork orange’. Waking up to fearmongering news pieces all over timelines and sensationalism on the television isn’t the ideal start for the day. We know that mental health evolves with the circumstances, and for a situation like COVID19, it’s natural for us to slip into voids, getting overwhelmed and anxious.

Ensuring the mental wellbeing of our team has always been a priority for us, and here is how we do it, virtually:

Fitness goes digital.
Gyms are shut around the world and some of us can no longer follow our fitness routines. “Bahar nahi nikalna hai”, wish the tummy understood that!


We partnered with an expert online fitness program to offer virtual fitness, meditation and yoga classes for our team.

Online doctor consultation:

On a lighter note, ‘bless you’ seems to be fading as a reflex response to someones sneeze or cough. The virtual-meetings have seen an awkward silence when someone sneezes on the call. Coronavirus, or common cold? Maybe I should consult a doctor! but how?

We’ve collaborated with an online platform to facilitate online doctor consultations and medicine delivery for our team.

Learning doesn’t stop

Self-care often slips to the bottom of the list, especially in tough scenarios. We conduct two Self-learning webinars every week for our teams to ensure that learning never stops.

Campaign hard!

Keeping the buzz alive with fun contests like the ‘My WFH space contest’ which urged our team to participate by sharing their workspace photos. This contest has garnered many entries that have been put up for public voting to crown the deserving winners!

Summing it up, we are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

A throwback to the good ol’ days!

“It’s about the journey and not the destination”. While this is true in many ways and like you must have seen in our previous blog, the journey (commute) to our destination (office) is not something to look forward to. To make it better, we decided to make our destination a favourable place to work in. Here is our take on making the office a place you want to be at.

  1. For instance, we have set up fully functional support in place for those who are coping with their mental health. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) initiative allows employees to have access to counselling services by trained professionals of their choice (In-person, phone & chat-based, video conferencing). They say that a happy environment at home contributes to your overall mental health. So we extended this service to everyone at SHOPX including the off rolls teams. This service is completely anonymous and non-chargeable for every team member and their families. Besides, the members registered for counselling service also have access to articles and other research related to their concerns.
  2. A designated in – house relaxation room is provided for employees at SHOPX- The Unwind Zone. It is equipped with a massage chair along with a foot massager and accompanied by soothing music. The idea behind this space is to provide an employee with some time out to disconnect and come back rejuvenated as and when needed; free of charge.
  3. “MakeItBetter” is another such initiative that helps to achieve optimum satisfaction levels. We conduct quarterly employee satisfaction surveys, called MakeItBetter. This is an anonymous survey for all employees where feedback is encouraged around things they are most satiated with at SHOPX and also encourages employees to talk about improvement areas of the system. Top improvement areas are identified and then worked on.
  4. Employees are provided with the opportunity to contribute to society through one of our CSR activities. Employees can extend their support to an NGO over the weekend with a planned activity.

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