#LifeAtShopX – Chapter 1 – The Garden City Blues

“To Succeed in life, you have to cross many bridges”, and the two most strenuous bridges we cross every morning are in Bellandur and Silk board (true story). The rush hour traffic in Bengaluru is a nightmare, I’m sure the editor of this blog is nodding her head in agreement. 

(Editor’s note: double that!)

Let’s talk about commute related stress, one bad rider on the road is enough to put you in gloom and impact your day even if you’re listening to the ‘most chill morning playlist ever’. Recent research found that every extra minute of commute time to the workplace impacts productivity.

Enduring the rush hour traffic to reach office late and feel like Alia in the scene below: 

Source: https://indianmemetemplates.com/storage/mujhe-ghar-jaana-hai.jpg

We found a few tips on Google to help you fight the rush hour: 

  1. Sleep early to wake up early and leave early! – You won’t have a life outside the office
  2. Leave late. – You’ll be considered to be the best worker 
  3. Pitch a tent outside the office – You can start your TV show “Man VS Traffic”
  4. Buy a motorcycle (if you already have one, upgrade to a comfortable cruiser) – Your first step to become a successful “arm-chair-biker” – on the weekends you can take a ride around NICE road and upload 5 Instagram posts with the hashtags #BikerLife #RiderTillIdie #BreakfastRun
  5. Carry stress buster balls – pull over when you see traffic and smash the plastics out of the ball, don’t drive! 
  6. Learn easy yoga asanas – Car-asana: legs up on the dashboard,  bike-asana: legs on the handlebar  
  7. Wow! We can’t believe you made it till here, because honestly, all these tips are bizarre and don’t work.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve empowered our employees with ‘dynamic work hours’, with an emphasis on productivity and achievements of collective goals. It’s not about when and where you work, employees are encouraged to take ownership of their deliverables, embodying one of our operating values – Intense Outcome Focus.

Over the years we have come to realize that productivity has increased owing to greater work flexibility and employee empowerment which in turn resulted in improved job satisfaction.

It’s easy to write fancy values, it’s harder to live them, not in our case because our values and culture are capable of dealing with the disruptions and transformations that have become norms in a high paced ecosystem like ours. 

The next blog post outlines why “Mental health is health” and how we ensure our team’s well being. 

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