Home Is Where The Office Is!

Did it take us a pandemic to validate if work-from-home works? No! The ability to work from anywhere is a perk that our team always had. We spoke about it in our last blog, ‘It’s not about when and where they work, employees are encouraged to take ownership of their deliverables, embodying one of our operating values – Intense Outcome Focus.’

Contributing to the social distancing we were one of the earliest organizations in south Bengaluru to roll out a mandatory WFH for our teams way before the government sent out a public notice. Today, we see companies that were resistant to the concept of WFH forced to allow working remotely. A new concept for many, not for us. The way our team is balancing work and life in a new distant reality truly reflects one our core values “purpose with urgency”, here’s how it goes:

New quarainterns join the team:

Meet herbs, a beagle who loves testing! (food and code). She relies on a lot of micromanagement though.

The quarantined hack day

Rooted in responsible commerce we had a hack-day to solve one of the biggest challenges that our partners and their customers were facing. The product team rolled out the new b2b2c app that bridges gaps and helps the retailer connect with local customers.

Beating the Monday blues with Quarantakshari!

Our marketing monks were digging pop playlists and practising high pitch choruses in the washroom, they faced-off for a virtual antakshari to beat the Monday blues.

You’ve probably heard this before “Home is where the wine is”

The wine connoisseurs got together on Google hangouts to have their virtual-wine-appreciation night.

The ‘good’ working-long-distance relationship:

Our team is awww-struck with the new B2B2C app. The legend has it “if you can work, respect and collaborate from a distance, then you’ll be unstoppable when you’re together”.

The virtual town hall with over 200+ attendees

Talking about change, our founders, Amit and Apoorva held a virtual town hall with over 200 attendees. They spoke about the impact of COVID19 on our business and how ‘the best customer experience’ has taken a new meaning in the light if COVID19, recognizing the ones who’re working selflessly to ensure safe and quick delivery of orders to the local Kirana stores.

In the next blog, we cover how we ensure the wellbeing of our team virtually.

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