Disruption And Value

We live in the information age now. Or misinformation if you are keenly following developments across the world.

Humour aside, if you start tracing steps back through the history of civilisation, ‘inventions cause disruption’, is an easy enough conclusion to derive unless you dive into what disruption really is at that point. For instance, as we graduated from rafts that enabled migration and ended up with ships that furthered the causes of trade, war, transport, and leisure; for the first few raft-goers battling the elements in search of resources, it would have been hard to envisage a scenario where cruise liners today operate as miniature cities on oceanic routes across the world. In this case, the disruption was at varying levels – one of the rafts emerging as a new mode of transport. The instrument then changed in shape, size, and even constituent material. Today it has changed in utility. A vast majority don’t consider it as a mode of transport even though it began as one.

Drawing on this parallel, it’s interesting to understand what disruption is today. E-commerce was seen as the great disruptor to retail – often in a way that threatened traditional brick and mortar stores. However, truly successful models of e-commerce are emerging and thriving. What we do at ShopX, for instance. It’s not about disrupting the retailer, the supply chain, or the brands that work with us. It’s about creating value for them. A value that won’t soon go away due to non-market and market forces which are in constant ebb and flow in the age of information we live in. For us, unlike other models of commerce, people shouldn’t be obligated to transact through the platform. What we’re really seeking to do is create value on our platform for the retail ecosystem. Wherein brands have easier access to new retailers and consumers and retailers have new models of inventory that allows them to be more flexible in what they offer to customers.

If you’re to trace back what we’re doing and draw a parallel with those first raft-goers – we’re essentially creating a platform for them to tide through the sometimes choppy waters of trade that includes product availability, shipping, and more; while building a vision of what the true vehicle or ship if you prefer, of e-commerce is for emerging economies across the globe as we continue to grow.

Our aim is to arm. But not disrupt.

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