COVID’s Impact On Corporate Culture, Creativity, And Personal Wellbeing

Can we restart our lives after Covid-19 in a more stable manner? Efficient, more sustainable, maybe even less bothersome? Or should we be left retreating to the methods of the past?

The change presents us with extensive intimidations, distinctly to employment. Yet maybe it also encourages us to see new ways ahead.

We may be able to restart some sectors of the market in a better direction and design the reboot investment to also meet wider goals. The trial may give us some positive signals, as well as showing us vulnerabilities to be addressed.

The pandemic has no doubt disrupted life and business as we know it. Every sector has felt its impact. The current situation demands a change in the traditional way of functioning while carrying out the business. We are all game to adhere to the guidelines set by the government with regards to social distancing and frequent sanitization to ensure the safety of the employees as well as customers. Many people have been working from home and avoiding long commutes and this has turned out to be a positive step in the mental wellness of many.

That being said, with the COVID-19 crisis, the emotional challenges employees are confronting have spiked. The pandemic has made employees’ mental health a top priority for employers, as many employees are feeling a sense of ambivalence.

Anyone could encounter crippling levels of stress and anxiety now, so HR professionals and people managers need to be alert to signs that may indicate employees are struggling to cope.

At SHOPX our managers are out on the lookout for potential erratic work hours or lack of availability. These may be indications that something is wrong. Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay on top of employee productivity, not in terms of the company’s success, but for employee well-being, even or especially if employees are working at home.

Maintaining the corporate culture as much as we can, at SHOPX, we have realized that it is important to come from a place of concern for health rather than business advancement during this challenging time.

We encourage our managers to be alert to frequent physical complaints, increased anger or irritability, persistent sadness, excessive worrying, poor sleep patterns, suicidal thoughts, impulsivity, or reckless behavior of their team members to help employees cope and adjust to this new normal.

While these changes are not always easy to spot when workers are on site, much less when supervising remote workers it is important to maintain regular conversations and video calls to keep the employees engaged.


At SHOPX we check in regularly with our teams by phone or video conferencing, which provides an opportunity to gauge and respond to these concerns.

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